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African Rhythms and Extensions - Sun,Sat
   Kofi Kissi Dompere
Afternoon Eclectic - Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
All Nite Party - Sat
   Rope Flanagan
Alternative Saints Radio - Tue
   DJ Jahsonic
American Songbook - Sun
   Donnie McKethan
Baby Boomer Boogie - Sat
   Sooter MaGruder & Beverly Lindsay-Johnson
Back to Paradise - Sat
   Bryan "B Note" Brown / Derrick "D Train" Coleman
Be The Salt - Sun
   B. Leah & DJ C-Lyfe
Capitol ILL - Mon
   DJ RBI & Friends
Caribbeana - Sat
   Von Martin & Bryan Bernard
Charlie Dee Show - Sun,Sat
   Charlie Dee
Decipher - Sat
   Hip Hop Collective
Decipher Hip Hop-Holla' Back - Wed
Decipher Hip Hop-Ill Street Grooves - Mon
   Dj Two Tone Jones
Decipher Hip Hop-Soul Controllers - Thu
   Bush Head Ed & DJ Book
Decipher Hip Hop-The Power Hour - Fri
   DJ Machete/Byron B-Note
Don't Forget The Blues - Ida Campbell - Fri
   Ida Campbell
Don't Forget The Blues - Rev. Sandra Butler-Truesdale - Wed
   Rev. Sandra Butler-Truesdale
Don't Forget The Blues - Chris Deproperty - Thu
   Chris Deproperty
Don't Forget the Blues - Elliott Gross - Sun,Mon
   Elliott Gross
Don't Forget The Blues - Lady Myrrh - Tue
   Lady Myrrh
Economic Update - Thu
   Richard Wolff
Evening Drive Jazz - Mon
   Rick Williams
Evening Drive Jazz - Tue
Evening Drive Jazz - Wed
Evening Drive Jazz - Thu
   Rick Bolling
Evening Drive Jazz - Fri
   Candy Shannon
Evening Jazz - Wed
Evening Jazz - Jazz Masters - Thu
   Tim Masters
Evening Jazz - Keanna Faircloth - Tue
   Keanna Faircloth
Fantastic Friday Mix Show - Fri
   Bobby Rox & Friends
G-Strings - Sun,Sat
   Tom Cole
House Of Soul - Sat
   James Funk & Lance Reynolds
Ill Street Grooves - Sat
Into The Dawn - After Hour Jazz - Fri
   Link Shields
Into The Dawn - Arthur "Maniac" McCloud - Sun,Mon
   Arthur "Maniac" McCloud & Shea Butta
Into The Dawn - Chester Chichester - Tue
   Chester Chichester
Into The Dawn - Faunee - Thu
Into The Dawn - Milestones - Tue
   Miles Willis
Into The Dawn - Mojugba Radio - Thu
   Aphrosoul Lukumi
Into The Dawn - Nate D. Skate - Wed
   Nate D. Skate
Jam Session - Mon,Tue
   Jamal Gray & Bass Chakra
Jam Session - Bushmeat - Fri
Jam Session - House After Dark - Tue
   DJ Paul Howard
Jam Session - Life Music - Thu
   Sais Kamaladin
Jam Session - Luke Stewart - Wed,Thu
   Luke Stewart
Jam Session - Vigil - Tue,Wed
   Bert Withers
Jazz & Justice - Jazz Stories - Thu
   Aaron Meyers & Amy K. Bormet
Jazz and Justice - African Deep Thought - Mon
Jazz and Justice - Beyond Borders Edition - Tue
   District Timba, Mimi Machado-Luces & DJ Darvin Pena
Jazz and Justice - Bobby Rox - Fri
   Bobby Rox
Jazz and Justice - Pa'Lante - Thu
   Daniel Del Pielago
Late Night Jazz - Thu
   Bobby Hill - Thomas Stanley
Late Night Jazz "Soul Conversations" - Fri
   Kimberly Washington & DJ YZO
Late Night Jazz - Ancient Future - Wed
   Willard Jenkins
Late Night Jazz - Bobby Hill - Mon
   Bobby Hill

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Late Night Jazz - Rick Williams - ,Tue,Wed
   Rick Williams
Late Night Jazz - Rusty Hassan - Mon,Thu
   Rusty Hassan
Latin Flavor - Tropical Edition - Sun
   Claudia & Charles Lawrence
Latin Flavor Classic Edition - Sun,Sat
   Jim Byers
Latin Flavor Salsa Dura Edition - Sun,Sat
   Nancy Alonso
Lovethology - Wed
   Donald Temple
Mid Day Jazz - Wed
   David Muse
Mid Day Jazz - Thu
   Sophie's Parlor Collective-Andrea-Heleene-Lakeisha-Kimberly
Mid Day Jazz "Fantastic Fridays" - Fri
   Bobby Rox
Mid Day Jazz "Jazz And Justice" - Sun,Mon
   Tom Porter
Milestones - Wed
   Miles Willis
Millie's Mellow Moment - Sat
   Millie Ware
Morning Brew & Union City Radio - Yardbird Sweets Edition - Tue
   Askia Muhammad
Morning Brew & Union City Radio - Beyond Borders Edition - Wed
   Katea Stitt
Morning Brew & Union City Radio - Candy Shannon - Fri
   Candy Shannon
Morning Brew & Union City Radio - Classic Jazz Edition - Thu
   Jim Dombrouski
Morning Brew & Union City Radio - Jazz Notes Edition - Mon
   Ellen Carter
Morning Jazz - Fri
   Lady Myrrh
Morning Jazz "Ancient/Future" - Thu
   Willard Jenkins
Morning Jazz "Freedom Sounds" - Wed
   Katea Stitt
Morning Jazz "The Yard Bird" - Tue
   Askia Muhammad
Morning Jazz 3 - Wed
   Marcello Tolliver
Morning Jazz-Candy Shannon - Fri
   Candy Shannon
Morning Jazz-Faunee - Mon
Morning Jazz-Faunee - Tue
Morning Jazz-TBD - Wed,Thu
MusicRelief - Tue
   DJ Rahsaan
Night Jazz - Thu
   Tim Masters
Night Jazz "The Jazz Collectors" - Tue
   Brother Ah

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Oldies House Party - ,Sat
   Captain Fly
Pa'Lante - Sun
   Daniel del Pielago
Ralph Nader Radio Hour - Thu
   Ralph Nader
Robyn's Place - Fri
   Robyn Holden
Roots and Fruits - Sat
   Bill Wax
Soul Conversations - Tue,Fri,Sat
   Kimberly Washington and DJ YZO
Sound of Surprise - Sun
   Larry Appelbaum
Southern Soul Rumpin' - Sat
   Dr. Nick & Lady C
Spirit Of Jazz - Sun
   Lona Alias
Sunday Kind Of Love - Sun
   Miyuki Williams
SunRise Meditations - Sun
   Che & Leah
TBD - Tue
TBD - Tue
TBD - Thu
The Andrea Bray Show - Sat
   Scooter Magruder & Beverly Lindsay-Johnson
The Bama Hour - Sat
   Chris Deproperty
The Collectors - Mon
   Brother Ah
The Continuum Experience with Keanna Faircloth - Fri
   Keanna Faircloth
The Kulcha Shak - Sat
   DJ ZeeLion & Kim Bey
The Reggae Experience - Mon
   Smoov Devastation
The Reggae Experience - Sat
   Teacha & DJ Smooth Devastation
This is Reggae Music - Sun
   Tony Carr
Turning Point - Sun,Sat
   Camille Butler & Shirley Shannon
Zydeco Trail Ride - Sat
   Texas Fred